Turkish Drama in Pakistan

As dramas are the source to have utilize the spare time but nowadays they had become the main issue that they has destroyed our an Islamic society. I’ve recently seen an increase in the attention being paid by TV stations and the Muslims to series and movies that originate from Turkey and India. I mean these dramas the Muslim society is becoming more and more ‘European’ day by day.

These dramas are nothing but teaching of conspiracies, manoeuvrings of domestic matters, inspiring youths and Muslims towards useless glamour and negatively affecting the society. One can learn nothing but would lose a lot. They use expensive clothes, artificial jewellery fake n artificial dialogues, n artificial acting as well. These dramas create a sense of inferiority complex to those who are unable to wear expensive wardrobes and etc. which really create a class difference which is very harmful for a society. Without any story n script a huge amount of recordings with glamour and commercialism. The worst part of these soaps is viewers start shedding tears for the characters, spoiling their health and it leads to depression. People relate to these soaps to such an extent that they get bored of living a normal life. Watching intense emotions on daily soaps leaves a negative impact on one’s mind. We should take care of our mental health too.

Several values were contradicting to the Arab values and traditions such as alcohol use, sex, and abortion that were openly discussed in these shows. I believe that too much attention to one particular type of serial, the romantic drama, which includes the first and most famous ones that caused such a stir. We need to get beyond what the press, especially in the West, has focused on with regard to the impact of these Turkish productions. They badly effect on an Islamic society and challenging their cultural and moral values by bringing Muslims away from their religion and customs. Turkish dramas and movies has rapidly started corrupting Muslims and their way of thinking. We should think about t and stop watching these kinds of stuff. I hope you might think and react like an individual. Spread awareness. 🙂


About pakimran

when you have something in your mind, then say it, might your words have a voice, and make someone change the way of life.
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