Use of Facebook in Pakistan and Islamic countries

Face book as a source of obscenity and vulgarity.


Face book is one of the biggest and massive social networking sites in the world. It contains roughly almost 800 million active users worldwide and totally more than a Billion users now. Face book has very vast audience then any single organization. Face book provides network for sharing personal information and links up all the news and updates. Face book has been ranked as the second most popular driver in web suffering.

In Pakistan a large amount of people use face book. It’s the most important mean of data sending and communication.

Everything has its own Pons and corns. Although Face book is very important mean of communication but it also has negative effects on the society as well. Face book is a source of obscenity and vulgarity in Pakistan. It has a negative impact on our youth, Sexual congress and condoms are very common among them, they talk and chat about them openly. Especially girls share their pictures which express or dominate their body.  These pictures are open invitation of sins. There are certain sites and pages that allow them free sexual talks and pictures and videos of pornography.

Our youth is almost addicted to these sites especially young girls use to visit these sites frequently they do not care about their surrounding just care for the message they are waiting for a reply. Four letter words and jester are liberally use among our youth. Face book is also a source of wrong friendship among our youngsters. This friend ship converts into attraction and lead them towards disasters

Our youth is very important for us they are the backbone of our nation.  As Quaid e Azaam used to say about them.

“Pakistan is proud her youth, particularly the students who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead on them”

Does our youth fulfill the dreams of our founders? Are they our nation builders? How can they be?

They spend their nights in chatting on face book and spend their days in sleeping.

Recently PTA told all mobile phone companies to end their low rates packages on late night calls. They claim that ‘youth vulgarity ‘has being increased by text messaging and excessive talking on cell phone. This is a very big step taken by PTA and I fully appreciate their decision. Although this decision has been challenges in court but still it’s a big step taken by PTA.

I am not against their low rate packages as this provides facility to public and also good for the business of mobile phone companies. I am against their night packages which are the root of all this vulgarity.

We have taken our beloved country on the name of Islam and it’s an Islamic country. Does Islam allow vulgarity? NO! Islam forbids it completely. Even The first order for purda (covering) starts from your  eyes (Shyness) . Then comes covering your rest of the body. It is consider as a sin in Islam if your eyes sees evil thing.  Your eyes must be pak (clean) from vulgar and porno sites.

Also in the Holy Quran “O ye who believe! Let not one people deride another people, haply they may be better than they, nor let one group of women deride other women, haply they may be better than they. And do not defame your people nor call one another by nick-names. It is an evil thing to be called by bad name after having believed; and those who repent not, such are the wrongdoers”

So being an Islamic country we should not allowed these Face book vulgarity causing sites. Every country has its own constitution and we should make certain law in our constitution that stops vulgarity causing sites.

Face book provides us an opportunity that we can report any thing that we want to remove. But when something is reported they review it and remove it if it violates its community standard. But they do not guarantee that such content will be removed, as it will has to only violet where they located according to their culture but not as our country’s culture as everyone has his / her own personal views or bound by the terms and conditions.

I am not in the favour of blocking face book in Pakistan as it is the biggest mean of communication. The government as already block “YouTube “.It has affected their business.   But we cannot wait for the face book to change its terms and conditions which are suitable for each country so they can control the privacy.

On individual level parents should have a proper check and balance on their children while they are using computers. PTA must take strong action to block these pages that cause vulgarity as they have done for night packages.

The Government should make efforts on international standard as it is not only the problem of Pakistan but all Islamic countries. Muslims have their own culture and religion which puts certain restriction on them.  These restrictions must be followed to promote their cultural harmony. So, the Government should meet the CEO of face book and ask him to make a center in Pakistan or in any Islamic country in order to remove so all those contents that violate Muslims values so reports will be sent from them will go directly there and they will take action to remove it.


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