Women is a sex object?

Women in  society are nothing but a tool of sex enjoyment by men with the name of freedom and equality. They are exploited for sex display in all fields of life. But worst of all is that are used extensive for adultery and even incest. They are made involved in sex exploitation even before getting matured; they do not understand that they are being exploited sex oriented labor without being paid.

Adultery and Incest

Suppose you have a girl student in your class, and she usually intentionally or unintentionally wearing clothes which are exposing her breast, hips and thighs.  She is also getting free with you to be her boyfriend. Would you refuse that? Of course “No” Then after having friendship and no hesitation of touching, kissing etc  , could you control your sex emotions and then rape her, is that will be a sin?

Suppose you find a girl after sunset in lonely place walking in a dress which is exciting your sex emotions, would you not dare to catch her? If you say “No” then either environment is not so conducive, or you are liar. So if you rape her, is that will be a sin?

Suppose you have a sister who is already free to you and she is wearing at home, clothes, which are most of the time showing her sex curves without any hesitation, then you, being a young boy, can you control your sex emotions, (being almost of the same age, and may be already enjoying sex outside). If you say “Yes”, then either you are angel or you are liar. So if you rape her, is that will be a sin?

Suppose you have daughters, (whom no body at home ever seriously objected her wearing clothes which clearly exposing her sex parts) and daily sitting opposite to you (or in your lap) or lying at bed with full or partly view of her body, can you control your control your sex emotions whereas you are still sex sensitive.  If you say “Yes” then either you are coward or you are liar. Now if after having drinking, if you rape her for the first time, is that will be a sin?

Thus sin starts without concept of sin. Sex exploitation of women get started when she knows nothing about women rights, she is only made to know that she is born for sex enjoyment.

Sinful Behavior:

Sex enjoyment is no more treated as sin in west. Sex sin starts from the beginning without girl is actually matured. No body cares that a girl virginity is her precious pride which is the Amana (Arabic word, means husband right mortgage with parents). She having no lessons of modesty and knowing nothing that it is a great sin as per scriptures, starts getting sex taste at her immature age. She is not matured enough to think of wrongdoing or sinning. Having cleared from responsibility of being virgin, she then continuously starts enjoying sex in the hands of men. Allah forbids adultery and says in Quran

“and do not come near Zina ; indeed, it is an abomination and an evil way”

There are openly sexy emotional scenes on TV. Parents also see all this in present of their young children, which makes these children to believe that sex enjoyment is not a forbidden fruit before marriage. Even XXX rated movies are easily available to young teenagers, and then think how they can control their sex emotions with no strict restriction from elders (and sometimes elders also become part of it). Now when young boys and girls see all this, then why they won’t like to practice it. So adultery and incest are part of their life.

In western society you will hardly find a virgin girl by the age of 15 to 17. Some even lose their virginity even between 12 & 15. Parents are either themselves involved or they knew that their daughter is already practicing that….There is no concept that a boy will find a virgin girl when he is getting married. Girls are being continuously raped.

Women are being exposed to sex pleasure in hotels, clubs, movies. People are so addicted with women sex exposure that they even don’t mind seeing their sisters, mothers and wives nude by themselves at home, nude beaches, nude clubs and blue films.

Heard about the USA where children are educated in schools how to be a safe sex user, instead of how to save their modesty. Instead of educating and telling girls, importance of being virgin and modest, girls are encouraged how to be get sexually oppressed. They are never told that they must not get sexually involved before marriage, instead encouraged to start it as early as possible. They are not advised to wear modest clothes, instead showing no objection of their short and exposing clothes in mini skirt and bikinis. Casino, clubs, hotels, movies, beaches are available to let them show their sex figure in, transparent, topless and even without clothes. Prostitution is legalized as sex worker.

All this is done with the logo of “Freedom of Women”.

So sex relations are only meant for husband and wife and anybody crossing this limit is doing a great sin. So the girls raised in such environment can hardly be misused.


In west, it is labeled that women have got freedom and equal rights, but actually they are used merely as sex tool, and deprived of their rights which they will enjoy, if getting married. They angel-ere not respected for being virgin, but they think such girl as one whom nobody liked to be used. What a shame, a virgin girl is just an abuse of her personality.

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when you have something in your mind, then say it, might your words have a voice, and make someone change the way of life.
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