Co-Education System

Education plays a vital role in the development of a country. It is considered as a back bone in the development of a country. Education will lead us towards social and economic success. Unfortunately Pakistan is among those countries whose education is on its dead bed. The government is only spending 2.3% of its budget on education.

Manually two types of educational system exits in Pakistan one is the private sector and second is the government sector. Private sector contains coeducation while the government sector is based on single sex education policy.

Coeducation system is very common in the western countries.             Unfortunately we follow western tradition blindly. We consider ourselves modern and liberal by following western traditions. Coeducation had been introduced in the world in 19th century. In 1917 it was dominant education system in the Soviet Union. According to Cornelius Riordan

“By the end of the nineteenth century, coeducation was all but universal in American elementary and secondary public schools” (see Kolas nick, 1969; Bureau of Education, 1883; Butler, 1910; Riordan, 1990)

At the end of the 20th century it is spread almost all over the world.

Coeducation has its own Pons and cons. There are a few advantages but a lot of disadvantages. Well studying in coeducation system builds confidence. It reduces shyness and hesitation. It helps us to integrate in the society and communicates in the world easily. But while studying in coeducation also produce problem for us .It’s a natural law that opposite poles attract each other so does the opposite genders. Feeling of affection for someone and teenagers crushes are commonly observed. One of severe disadvantage is sexual harassment and molestation which is very high in coeducation. Many people especially Muslim things used to think that coeducation is against their culture.

Pakistan lack government universities and public universities are all co educated. These universities have a lot of problem in them. Although these universities provide education but the quality of character building is quite low.

The students of these universities do not abide the rule and regulation of their universities due to lack of strictness. The class ‘bunking’ (leaving class without permission) trend is very common among students. They do this for fun. Mostly in morning the washrooms are crowded. The girls waste their time there in makeup. They wear expensive jewelry and cloths to prominent their body features like they come there for modeling instead of study. The boys used to wear funky shirts, banned and stylish jeans in order to show their wealth (money). The formation of groups and gangs is also very common. A large number of female and male sitting in shape of pair waste their important time in kidding. Mostly couples are seen in the universities they are sitting together and doing acts of mischief. The students forms gangs including male and female both spend their time in adventure like car racing, wheeling, bike racing etc.

In few universities smoking and drugs is frequently used by student. There are certain secret points in the universities where drugs can be sell or buy easily.

The most interesting part of university is its cafeteria. All variety of food from traditional to western is available there including breakfast and lunch. Does student come there for study or for eating? They even do breakfast there. The university cafeteria remains crowded from its opening time till its closing time.

Some students especially females that comes from Nobel and religious background found it difficult to cope with the environment of universities. They have to wear dress code that covers their whole body so they can be saved from evil eyes. The wearing of veils and gowns are commonly observed in universities. They have to ignore the sins and gester made by some disgusting boys. Eve teasing is a common thing some time they report it but mostly ignore it because they don’t want their name to come in any case.   They talk with great care like their every word has been judge.

As Pakistan is an Islamic country and its constitution clearly states no law can be against Qur’an and Sunnah then why are universities allowed to go ahead with co education?

Islam strictly forbids meeting, talking any relationship and other non Islamic tasks between NA-Mahram men (other than brother, father and husband) and women.

As prophet S.A.W used to say

“When a NA- Mahram man and woman are standing alone, the third one is devil (Ebleese) among them”

History proves that Islam has always been right. Islam forbids women from travelling with NA-Mahram man. She is allowed to go anywhere with her husband. Recently in 2000 60% of the women in Tokyo reported that they have been sexually assaulted by subway groper. To save women’s from sexual abuse in 2002 Japan has introduced separate train for women use only .Not only in Japan but also in India, Brazil, Egypt and Russia adopted the same system.

Similarly Islam forbids women from studying with men. It is not consider save for women .Women are given a lot of respect in Islam and Islam also give a lot of importance to education not only for men but also for women.

“Of all that a father can give his children, the best is their good education and training’ as well as’ And whosoever has cared for his three daughters or sisters and given them a good education and training, treating them, with kindness till Allah makes them stand on their own feet, by Allah’s grace he has earned himself a place in paradise”.

So, Islam is not against the education of women. Islam shows a lot of respect towards single sex education policy. As it has a lot of advantage. This has been proved by US Department of Education  in 2005.  A review entitled as Single-sex versus coeducational schooling: A systematic review. It contains 2221 studies .It has been published by the department. This review proves that single sex education is better than coeducation as it is stated in this review that

In general, most studies reported positive effects for SS schools on all-subject achievement tests,” and “The preponderance of studies in areas such as academic accomplishment (both concurrent and long term) and adaptation or socio emotional development (both concurrent and long term) yields results lending support to SS schooling”.

While in Australia, the Australian Council for Educational Research provides a report after six years of study which shows that 270,000 students in different academic subject the girls and boys from single sex education produce 15 to 22% better results than those students in coeducation. This report also states that they behave better than the student of coeducation.

While in Nigeria a college   Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls is famous for its educational polices.

This shows that Islam has been right about favoring single sex education. These problems have been indicated by Islam and certain laws have been made 1400 years ago. Now world also proves it through its experience. Now they are introducing separate trains for women’s, looking at the advantages of single sex school, introducing proper dress code that covers the body and many more things.

Now the question is that can we change the mind set of our societies? We have given so much freedom to women made her so much liberal that now she has become a source of sins for men. Can we change the mind set of those young girls that wear short dress as a symbol of fashion? Can we agree them that they are in danger by wearing these? Can we change our educational system to get better results?

May be we can do this with the passage of time. We can prove them that those laws that have been introduced 1400 years ago by Islam are best for any civilized society. But right now world is at the peak of ignorance.

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